Week In Submission: ‘CCTV’ by Natasha Foster

Words By Spook
November 3, 2014
Our latest Week In Submission comes from Sydney photographer Natasha Foster, who took to an abandoned psychiatric hospital for the shoot she shares here...

SPOOK: Where are you from?

Natasha Foster: Originally I am from Toowoomba, QLD. I now live in Sydney.

What is your experience in photography and how did you get into it?

I never thought I could be a photographer because I find it difficult to grasp the technical aspect of it. Before I started photography I was studying creative writing. Writing acted in the same way as photography does for me now. It was a medium to extract images from my imagination. I would love to have photographic eyes so the equipment didn’t get in my way.

Sophie-3 Sophie-

What do you love about photography?

I love that a camera acts as instrument for my creations. I love that it takes images of a time that can never be recreated. Once that image is recorded that moment is gone forever. It allows me to connect with my subjects on a subconscious level and thats what I enjoy about photography the most.

What tunes are on rotation in the editing studio/work/home at the moment?

Pop. Lots and lots of pop. Backstreet Boys, Rhianna, Taylor Swift… Anything easy. Pretty daggy!


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Oh man. Everywhere. From may family, from traumatic events in life, nature, animals, the sky, colour blocking, strangers, the bus, when I’m walking, when I’m in the water…

How did this shoot happen?

I wanted to work with the stylist Sylvie and asked her and then we organised it. Originally it was going to be something very different but I’m really happy with how these turned out in the end and our model, Sophie was a dream and makeup artist Kaori is super talented.


What’s the location?

The location is the old psychiatric hospital in Rozelle. That place is really incredible. Nothing has been touched since it closed down. There are still patient records lying around and beds etc. Strangely it doesn’t really creep me out but Sylvie’s dog didn’t like the vibes in there at all.

What did you shoot with?

Just my Canon 5d mark iii

Where are the clothes from?

All clothing is from Estate of Mind.

Check out more of Natasha’s work at her website, Tumblr and follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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