VOYEURS: IUTER Melbourne Store Opening

Words By Spook
Photography By Anthony Tosello
October 14, 2014
Mention the words streetwear and beer in the same sentence and you can just about guarantee that we'll be rocking up to whatever the relevant event may be. With the launch of Milanese streetwear label IUTER's first Melbourne store, we got lucky – these threads, which reference global street subcultures, music and art are actually pretty rad. The beer wasn't bad, too.
iuter-6310iuter-6312iuter-6325iuter-6294 iuter-6289 iuter-6286 iuter-6285 iuter-6280 iuter-6277 iuter-6274-2 iuter-6279 iuter-6272 iuter-6262 iuter-6240 iuter-6236 iuter-6235 iuter-6234 iuter-6230 iuter-6227 iuter-6223

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