Voyeurs: I Scream Nails X Di$count Univer$e VIP PARTAAAYYYY

Words By Words by Hannah Bellil Photography by Christopher Sutherland @nightshifters
October 27, 2015
When two of Melbourne's power house independents combined forces it was always going to be a winning formula!

Celia Cecchi and Benjamin Johnson, of I Scream Nails  recently teamed up with Cami James and Nadia Napreychikov of Di$count Univer$e to create a series of custom nail wraps – inspired by the iconic Di$count Univer$e imagery from the recent NYFW15 collection that we all know and love, with four different nail wrap designs;  ZIP IT, LOOSE LIP$ & EVIL EYE$, OGDU and DREAM$ & SCREAM$.

SPOOK went along to the VIP launch party at No Vacancy Gallery on Thursday and soaked up the good times rubbing shoulders with a menagerie of creatives, collectively amounting to a DU sequinned army, all appropriately clad in the signature sparkles that have taken Di$count Univer$e on a global domination tour over the past years. There were DU cupcakes and a custom interactive video installation by VJ Radiance. Once the bar closed, there was a mass exodus of Four Pillars Gin fuelled DU glitter bombs trotting to The Carlton Club for a dance. Talk about lighting the city up, one sequin at a time! So many frikken babez.

These babies are limited run only, so get ya-self some I Scream Nails X DU Nail Wraps and join the glitta- brigade!

@iscreamnails @discountuniverse


Photos by Christopher Sutherland @nightshifters

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