VOX POP: What Smell Makes You Think Of Your Significant Other?

Words By Hannah Hawkins
Photography By Cormack O'Connor
March 7, 2016
It’s a universally acknowledged thing that smells can evoke the strongest memories. A whiff of cigarette smoke can remind you of last night’s party; shampoo can remind you of your mum's hair; and burning oil can remind you that you really can't cook. Our sense of smell is so powerful, scientists claim we can even smell fear and disgust (but tbh if they’re going off facial expressions, that’s probably just honest responses to bad BO).

This article was produced in conjunction with our buddies at Calvin Klein to celebrate the launch of ck2, the new gender-free scent by Calvin Klein

Sweat-detecting aside, this normally very good ability is why we dig perfume so much. And once we’ve fallen in love with a fragrance, it’s pretty hard to let go – kind of like when we’ve fallen in love with a human. Calvin Klein has long tapped into our love affair with scent, and 21 years after the release of their first unisex fragrance, ck one, they’re launching their second gender-free offering, ck2.

The concept isn’t just about fluidity; it’s also about connecting two (smitten) people with one scent. It’s one bottle of memory-inducing aroma, for the #2OfUs. Why wouldn’t you want to smell like your favourite person? You’re going to want to bury your face in their side of the bed when they’re out of town for a few days anyway, and second-hand pillow-smell is never the same.

So, to celebrate kicking gendered scents to the crusted curb, and walking around smelling like your number one, we hit the streets of Melbourne to ask, “what smell makes you think of your significant other?”



“The beach. He lives in Torquay and is a surfer.”

*shaka emoji*




Interesting. Any particular type…?



“Honey and milk.”

Are you actually talking about your grandma, Luke?




Ah, classic significant other smell.



“The ocean.”

Mmm the fresh smell of seaweed and trout.



“Calvin Klein’s Reveal For Him. He wears it all the time.”

If only there was some sort of gender-free fragrance for both of them…


Anwyn and Sam

“His fragrance. I wear it when I’m at his house and forgot to bring my own.”

“Well I’m a recent ex-smoker. So I still can’t smell!”

One day soon, Sam. Don’t give up on those nostrils!

Stay tuned for more #2ofus moments.
Check out the ck2 fragrance here

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