This Drunk Shopping Service Wants To Help You Regret Your Next Purchase

Words By Hannah Hawkins
May 20, 2015
Ever woken up on a Sunday morning with multiple PayPal receipts in your inbox and a bunch of t-shirts with Nicholas Cage's face on them en-route to your place?

Introducing Drunk Shopping: the service that helps you make that next early morning alcohol-induced good-at-the-time purchase.

It works by assuming you’ll be drunk at 2AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning (c’mon, you will be) and messaging you sweet/terrible online shopping suggestions and even convincing you you want them if you express disinterest.


Even the way in which you sign up is reminiscent of an eight beers-deep version of yourself – just text “heyyyyyy” (yes, with six “y”s) to a phone number to start the drunken regrets.

The website – which hosts an animated business logo simulating fairly accurately drunk vision – boasts an experience that “delights in sloppy judgement” and which has you buying “your sober self a nice surprise”. It’s almost like ‘drunk you’ invented it. Wait… did you?

Unfortunately the service is not yet available in Australia (only the US), but we thought we’d report on it anyway to give you enough time to save up for when it is available here and you can drunk-buy as much useless shit as your DEBIT card allows (editor’s note: we discourage using credit cards because they’re the work of the devil and please help us seriously we’re really hungry).

Now let’s all bask in the comforting knowledge that someone out there wants you to irresponsibly buy weird things after too many vinos; and this timeless gif of Ron Swanson drunk dancing with a tiny hat.

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