Tony Abbott

New Over-The-Phone Abortion Service Named After Tony Abbott

Photo By Gary Ramage

Hannah Hawkins ~ September 28th, 2015


Tony Abort.

The Best Of The Internet Bidding Farewell To Tony Abbott


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 15th, 2015


Goodnight, sweet prince.

What Do We Want? The Lesser Of Two Evils! When Do We Want It? In Perpetuity, Apparently...


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 15th, 2015


By electing Turnbull, the government may have ensured itself a second term. But in policy terms, we are likely to get more of the same, writes Tim Dunlop.

Perth Motorist Yells "Wankers" At Tony Abbott And Co In Perfect Drive-By Heckle

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Hannah Hawkins ~ September 14th, 2015


Not all heroes wear capes.

'The New York Times' Calls Out Tony Abbott On Immigration


Garry Westmore ~ September 4th, 2015


You guys see it too?!

Tony Abbott And Bronwyn Bishop Host ‘Q&Abbott’ In New ‘At Home With Tone’ Episode

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Hannah Hawkins ~ July 21st, 2015


The future, tbh.

Stop Calling Bigots Bogans


Spook ~ July 19th, 2015


The word bogan implies an essential connection between bigotry, poverty, and a lack of education. So why do we excuse classism as a way of explaining bigotry?

More hot wind: climate change, renewables and airy-fairy Abbott vs. rest of the world


Nick Melin ~ July 14th, 2015


On the subject of climate change Tony Abbott seems to be waging war against our own planet's future.

Price check on taking a piss: it's not free for all of us


Nick Melin ~ June 30th, 2015


Believe it or not, some people have to pay to take a pee—and they should be better supported by our government.

Mark Scott Responds To Abbott's Ramble

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Spook ~ June 26th, 2015


Following a relentless bashing from Tony Abbott, ABC Managing Director Mark Scott is throwing a few punches back.

Q&A Might Be Lame, But Tony Abbott's Criticism Of It Is Much Lamer


Nick Melin ~ June 24th, 2015


Tony Abbott has blasted 'Q&A' for airing the views of a former terrorist suspect. But the real reason people should be attacking it, argues Anthony Morris, isn't to score cheap points against the ABC—but because the program is a distraction that provides the illusion of political participation.

It’s All Over: Government’s Anti-Piracy Site Blocking Bill Passes Senate


Hannah Hawkins ~ June 23rd, 2015


Helloooo VPNs.

Joe Hockey Awarded Golden Toilet Brush, Still Unsure What To Do With Regular One


Hannah Hawkins ~ June 15th, 2015


Apparently his office is full of sh*t.

Heaven or Pell? It's time for Cardinal George to answer tough questions


Nick Melin ~ June 8th, 2015


Cardinal George Pell has a history of playing down and denying claims of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.

Why Do We Hate Mothers Who Use Drugs?

pregnant smoke thumb

Spook ~ May 30th, 2015


Jessica Alice explores the stigma surrounding drug use in mothers, and how it functions to control social expectations of women.

A Cold Fact: Not All Australians Oppose The Death Penalty


Nick Melin ~ May 20th, 2015


Despite public outcry over the deaths of Bali 9 ringleaders Myruan Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, Australia remains divided about the death penalty.