Elissa in Montreal by Stephanie Lou

Screen shot 2014-11-21 at 4.38.51 PM

Spook ~ November 25th, 2014


She's all eyes: in the second last instalment of Stephanie Lou's Montreal backstreets series we meet Elissa...

Shoot: Tiggy by Jack Grayson


Spook ~ November 21st, 2014


Chinatown’s fabulous, greasy fantasy formed inspiration for Jack Grayson’s killer London shoot, premiering here.

Shoot: Rose in Montreal by Stephanie Lou

rose thumb

Tempe Nakiska ~ November 18th, 2014


For Aussie lenser Stephanie Lou's next instalment of her Montreal girls series, here's local model/actress/arts student, Rose, bringing back the pastel.

Shoot: Yunlina in Montreal by Stephanie Lou

nlina thumb

Spook ~ November 11th, 2014


Yunlina is a Japanese model hailing from Tokyo, who now lives in Montreal – as does young Aussie lenser Stephanie Lou. The duo hung out in Mile-Ex for an arvo and this shoot, the second part in Lou's rad girls series, is the result.

Week In Submission: Franey Miller's 'Derelicte'

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Spook ~ November 10th, 2014


Franey Miller gave us a killer Week In Submission earlier this year and now she's back! Here's her latest, and it's real 'derelicte'...

Shoot: Nikk Hits Montreal By Stephanie Lou

nikk stephanie lou thumb

Spook ~ November 4th, 2014


When she's not backstage at fashion week, Montreal based Australian photographer Stephanie Lou is shooting round the city's backstreets. Here she shares the first part of a killer new shoot that features a bunch of rad girls from her adopted town...

Week In Submission: 'CCTV' by Natasha Foster


Spook ~ November 3rd, 2014


Our latest Week In Submission comes from Sydney photographer Natasha Foster, who took to an abandoned psychiatric hospital for the shoot she shares here...

Week In Submission: Jai Long


Spook ~ October 21st, 2014


The term 'Free Spirit' is oft today classed as a pretty cheesy, but some characters emit it with such force that you can't help but tag their work to it. Jai Long's latest shoot pays testament to that.

Week In Submission: Carmen Rose


Spook ~ October 18th, 2014


Melbourne photographer Carmen Rose is all about romantic shoots, and here she tells us about her latest one. It's real purrdy.

Shoot: Ella & Hannah by Jack Grayson


Spook ~ October 17th, 2014


Sydney photographer and SPOOK fave Jack Grayson sent us this series he shot back home before he set off for adventures London side.

Week In Submission: Daisy Clementine


Spook ~ October 6th, 2014


The Sydney based photographer shares her rad Desert Designs shoot and talks Ryan McGinley, girl crushes and cronuts.

Shoot: Gizele in LA


Spook ~ September 26th, 2014


SPOOK's contributing fashion editor Larry Leong has made her way from the States to Europe and back again, her latest series shot on the hazy streets of LA...

Twelve Point Guide To Being A Killer Stylist


Spook ~ September 19th, 2014


We've spoken to some of Australia's best styling, creative direction and design talent to get you a full on low down. Listen up, young guns!

Shoot: Indigo by Kristina Yenko


Spook ~ September 18th, 2014


Kristina Yenko recently hit the newly sunned up streets with her camera and a talented team to capture this great series with model Thailia...

Shoot: Joanna by Jack Grayson


Spook ~ September 4th, 2014


An Australian photographer, French model and the last of the summer light in London's Regent's Park...

Week In Submission: Andrew Babarczy


Spook ~ September 1st, 2014


Week In Submission this week turns to Andrew Babarzcy, a Melbourne photographer who started out shooting abandoned buildings before turning to fashion photography due to a burning interest in telling stories. His hazy shoot is called Palms...