'Neima': Capturing Stories Of The Papua New Guinea Highlands


Vanessa Gerrie ~ October 16th, 2015


We chatted with photographer Woodrow Wilson ahead of his new exhibition 'Neima'.

Reclaiming The Female Nude Through Art And The Internet: Welcome To Body Anxiety

content aware 2 thumbnail

Emma Marie Jones ~ July 27th, 2015


It's the digital exhibition flipping the bird at the art world and reclaiming the female nude with selfies, gifs, videos and more – and you can check it out online for free.

Electric Saturn

kiss kill

Nick Melin ~ July 27th, 2015


Photographed by Melbourne based lenser Kirsty Duchet and styled by Melissa Nixon, our latest women's shoot is an eclectic and cutting-edge mix of tradition and punk. Featuring India from London Management with H&M by Bernice Mansfield. Electric.

Week in Submission: 'Factory Boy'


Spook ~ July 27th, 2015


Stylist Blake Sutherland teams up with photographer George Sandman and model Sean Brady to make vintage high end pieces new again.

I'm Locking Up Everyone Who Laid A Finger On Me


Spook ~ July 22nd, 2015


When somebody has stolen a part of your body, how do you get it back? Jonno Révanche's words and images explore revenge, reclamation and redemption.

VOYEURS: Black Vanilla 'Slug' Single Party


Hannah Hawkins ~ July 18th, 2015


Mini supergroup Black Vanilla have released their first single 'Slug', so we headed to the launch party at the Evelyn last night, where HTMLflowers, HABITS and Felicity Yang did a bang up job of supporting.

VOYEURS: Palms 'Bad Apple' Party


Hannah Hawkins ~ July 17th, 2015


Last night we celebrated the live playing of new music from Palms at FBi Radio's 'Bad Apple' Party at The Gladstone in Chippendale. Pits were moshed, crowds were surfed.

VOYEURS: Wax Witches At Tokyo Sing Song


Spook ~ July 13th, 2015


Wax Witches is temporarily back chillin' in Australia and graced Sydney fans with a one-off show at Tokyo Sing Song in Newtown on Saturday night, with Yeevs supporting. We headed along to get real in the mosh pit.

VOYEURS: I Heard A Whisper Launch Party


Spook ~ July 5th, 2015


I Heard A Whisper kicked off to an excellent start on Saturday night at The Gasometer in Collingwood, where Leaps & Bounds presented a stella launch party.

Week in Submission: 'Seeing Double' By Christine Ai


Spook ~ July 2nd, 2015


Week in Submission is taking a double trouble turn, with photographer Christine Ai and stylist Jess Jacob taking sisterly love to the track.

VOYEURS: FBi Click First Birthday Party


Spook ~ June 29th, 2015


Beloved Sydney community radio station FBi celebrated the first birthday of their electronic arm FBi Click on Saturday night, at (where else, but) Goodgod Small Club.

VOYEURS: Retiree At GoodGod


Spook ~ June 27th, 2015


Retiree kicked off their latest tour in hometown Sydney at GoodGod this week, for the launch of their new EP 'This Place'.

Alice Hutchison's 'Object/Reflect'


Garry Westmore ~ June 26th, 2015


Off the Kerb gallery presents Alice Hutchison's 'Object/Reflect'; a collection of photographs to be presented with a multi-model edge. We spoke with the artist and one of her collaborators Sarah Gooding, ahead of the exhibition.

VOYEURS: Homegirl Zine Issue One Launch


Hannah Hawkins ~ June 26th, 2015


Last night, amongst a giddy shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at The Good Copy in Collingwood, we helped celebrate new kid on the block Homegirl Zine!

VOYEURS: Commune Locally Made Market Party


Spook ~ June 23rd, 2015


Yesterday COMMUNE put on another fab creativity-packed get-together for locals and businesses of Sydney's inner west. We headed to the mini festival to bask in the best of the area's food, drink, music, makers and quite clearly, babes.

SHOOT: 'Troy' by Anthony Tosello


Spook ~ June 22nd, 2015


Photographer Anthony Tosello brings the, as Zoolander would say, "ridiculously good looking", Troy to life in his latest winter menswear shoot for SPOOK.