Camp Cope Launch Debut Self-Titled Album


Cormack O'Connor ~ May 16th, 2016


Georgia Maq can melt steel beams.

VOYEURS: Gudrun Gut + HTRK


Spook ~ March 22nd, 2016


If there's one thing that will get us groovin' on a Wednesday night, it's Gudrun Gut. The John Curtin Hotel's sound system was assailed by the Berlin no wave queen, with support from Melbourne's own HTRK.

VOX POP: What Smell Makes You Think Of Your Significant Other?


Hannah Hawkins ~ March 7th, 2016


Smells can evoke the strongest memories, but what smell reminds you of your significant other?

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival 2016 Review


Cormack O'Connor ~ March 7th, 2016


Despite the fires of hell arriving in Footscray, our pasty Melbourne bodies survived to get down with SOPHIE, Grimes and Purity Ring at the 2016 edition of St Jerome's Laneway Festival.

Chela kisses Bowie farewell

Chela By Maciek Jasik

Nick Melin ~ October 30th, 2015


Bowie late nights ends with a bang, with epic party starter and Melbourne local Chela returning from Los Angeles for a very special live show that is sure to make you sweat.

Voyeurs: I Scream Nails X Di$count Univer$e VIP PARTAAAYYYY


Nick Melin ~ October 27th, 2015


When two of Melbourne's power house independents combined forces it was always going to be a winning formula!

'Neima': Capturing Stories Of The Papua New Guinea Highlands


Vanessa Gerrie ~ October 16th, 2015


We chatted with photographer Woodrow Wilson ahead of his new exhibition 'Neima'.

A 32-Year-Long Melbourne Pub Crawl Has Just Ended, Clocking In 476 Pubs


Hannah Hawkins ~ October 12th, 2015


That's a lot of Dad Rock.

VOYEURS: Environmental Film Fest Launch


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 7th, 2015


The Environmental Film Festival has kicked off in Melbourne and SPOOK headed to the launch to capture some good, green vibrations (and hang out with legendary greenie, Bob Brown!).

VOYEURS: Paradise Festival's Preview Party


Spook ~ August 29th, 2015


To get us in the mood for November, the good people at Paradise threw a little preview party on Thursday night. It saw the likes of Good Morning, friendships, MY DISCO and SMILE take over Hugs&Kisses in Melbourne. We were there to capture to fun.

Why Border Force Will Be Checking People's Visas In Melbourne This Weekend


Alana Scully ~ August 28th, 2015


Welcome to our nanny state.

VOYEURS: Food Truck Park X Coburg Drive-In


Cormack O'Connor ~ August 21st, 2015


On Wednesday night we got down to Coburg Drive-In to check out some films and bask in the glory of Food Truck Park. All of our fave things were there: heaters, jalapeño-packed sangas, Churros and dogs dressed as people.

Accidental Discharge Issue 2 Launch Party


Hannah Hawkins ~ August 8th, 2015


We joined new Aussie print mag Accidental Discharge in celebrating the launch of their second issue on Thursday night at Shadow Electric.

VOYEURS: The Social Studio 2015 Winter Gala


Hannah Hawkins ~ July 27th, 2015


Melbourne's most stylish social enterprise The Social Studio threw their biggest annual fundraiser - the Winter Gala - on Friday night at the Fitzroy Town Hall and spoiled punters with a night of the best fashion, music and food.

Not Your Typical Private School Girl For Some Reason Something About Her Grandparents Working Hard In The 50s?

cassie zervos thumb

Hannah Hawkins ~ July 24th, 2015


In response to Cassie Zervos’s very relevant think piece on the woes of a well-off white hetero woman from an affluent suburb.

VOX POP: What Fact Did You Learn As A Child That You Now Realise Was A Lie?


Cormack O'Connor ~ July 20th, 2015


How great are kids? Screaming, crying balls of hunger. They always have wonderful, unique observations about the world and they are totally too easy to lie to. Maybe we're abusing our power... Maybe some questions are just too hard to explain fully... Maybe we're seeking retribution for the lies we were told. So, we ask: what fact did you learn as a child that you now realise was a lie?