Mel Campbell

Ex Machina and my relationship with robo-feminism

Nick Melin ~ May 14th, 2015


Why do representations of robots fascinate us, and what do they say about gender identity?

After he attacked the Anzac mythos, SBS fired a commentator who should have been congratulated

Nick Melin ~ April 26th, 2015


Soccer commentator Scott McIntyre's anti-Anzac tweets were a shout for wakefullness in a haze of political complacency. And the SBS fired him for it.

'Pretty Woman' Is Now 25 Years Old, And It's The Capitalist Lie We Still Buy Into

Nick Melin ~ April 14th, 2015


'Pretty Woman' is a film about how capitalism turns every human experience into a commodity to be traded. That we still find it charming rather than grotesque reveals something sad about us.

A Feminist's Approach To Paleo (Including Recipes)

Nick Melin ~ March 22nd, 2015


Celebrity chef Peter "activated almonds" Evans is at again with his advocacy of a paleo diet. But paleo isn't really about food: it reinforces an ideology of male social dominance. What, then, might a feminist approach to paleo look like?

My Social Media Shame

Nick Melin ~ March 9th, 2015


How would you feel if somebody live tweeted a date you were on? It's tempting to use social media to tell tales of strangers' lives in real time, but at what point does such eavesdropping become shameful?