House of Cards

Designer Playlist: House of Cards

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Spook ~ July 15th, 2015


House of Cards are here to woo with Roy Orbison, get real with Aliyah and empower with Beyonce.

Binge Watching: Where It Came From And How It Changed TV


Nick Melin ~ May 22nd, 2015


How long is too long? When do you call it quits if a show sucks? TV these days is all about binge binge binge.

Is House of Cards Just A High Budget Soapie?


Garry Westmore ~ March 30th, 2015


Despite promoting itself as a premium, upper tier drama, House of Cards is essentially a soapie, albeit a dark one, writes James Zarucky.

Watch Netflix's New 'House Of Cards' Trailer

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Spook ~ February 24th, 2015


Because you haven't been teased enough.

Binge TV: How It's Changing Us & The Shows We Watch


Garry Westmore ~ February 12th, 2015


Binge viewing could well have downsides, but the very manner in which we consume television series also holds exciting possibilities for the future of small screen writing.

Our Politics Are Like 'House of Cards'


Garry Westmore ~ February 5th, 2015


Tony Abbott's election was meant to herald a new era of stability, but why does our political system continue to resemble 'House of Cards'?

Killer Summer Shoot: Westside Horizon by House of Cards

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Spook ~ January 31st, 2015


Antwon inspires the latest collection from hip hop fanatic / rad Brisbane designer Ashiya Omundsen of House of Cards...

Summer Designer Playlist: House of Cards

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Spook ~ December 16th, 2014


This week's summer playlist comes courtesy of Brisbane label House Of Cards – specifically, from the cultured of sound taste designer, Ashiya Omundsen. Keep it hot!

Stop Being A Giant Baby About Spoilers


Spook ~ May 12th, 2014


Alice Williams shares her feelings on spoilers and explains why the cry babies ruining the party for everyone else.