Eloise Grills

An Open Letter To @gabigrecko

Spook ~ September 16th, 2015


"Dear Gabi, I wonder what would happen if we were friends, if I could help you. I wonder if I could separate your Instagram from the rest of you if I knew you irl."

The Hypothetical Now: An Interview With Gayby Baby Director Maya Newell

Emma Marie Jones ~ September 1st, 2015


Eloise Grills chats politics, aesthetics, childhood identity and authority with documentary-maker Maya Newell ahead of the release of her controversial film, Gayby Baby.

I'm Not Thin, But My Skin Is

Spook ~ August 19th, 2015


My skin doesn't belong to you. It would be kind of weird if it did. My skin doesn't belong to you, but sometimes you are a mirror for it.

"My Birth Control Pill Nearly Killed Me" And Other Click-Bait Half-Truths

Spook ~ July 13th, 2015


What do you do when your contraceptive pill nearly gives you a stroke? Eloise Grills on the responsibilities of the prescriber – and the pressures of the survivor.

Died Pretty: The Invisible Women Of True Crime

Spook ~ June 19th, 2015


When we tell the stories of murdered and missing women, whose stories are we really telling? Eloise Grills explores the tropes of the pretty little dier – and how these silenced, victimised women are reduced to them again and again.

Lies And The Real Girl

Spook ~ May 15th, 2015


What is a "real" woman, anyway? Eloise Grills on the mythologised representation of the female body.

Snipers And Dudebros: The New American Orientalism

Spook ~ February 3rd, 2015


What's wrong with a little American douchebaggery and a bit of American militarism in film? Eloise Grills on the new American Orientalism.