St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2016 Review

Words By Cormack O'Connor
Photography By Cormack O'Connor
March 7, 2016
Once again, the Melbourne weather gods (or lack thereof) decided to send the fires of hell to Footscray Community Arts Centre on the one day a year we want to squish into laneway's and dance. Luckily, the OG home of St Jerome's Laneway Festival doesn't have many laneway's now. Since moving from the CBD to Footscray in 2010, the festival has grown into a mystical journey through rose gardens, industrial scenes and lush reserves. We had our faces scorched off by The Smith Street Band and Battles, were soothed by the sounds of Japanese Wallpaper and Purity Ring, and got our absolute freak on to SOPHIE and Grimes. Don't believe us? Here's the photographic evidence.
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