Premiere: Fly High Society Presents ‘Fly Thai Green’

Words By Katy Hall
April 19, 2015
Everyone knows that the power of the crew is mightier than the individual, and it's exactly this ethos that has seen UK based collective Fly High Society kill the game with each and every release they bring out. And their latest offering, the Fly Thai Green EP, is no exception.

Last month we brought you SertOne’s latest single with Melbourne angel Maribelle, but this time the Fly High Society legends are back with something altogether different.

Their latest drop, this time a supreme EP featuring works from Bolts, Igloohost, Monto and Tre’bore (as well as special guest appearances from some of your favourite screen dealers) is about as #420blessed as you can get.

Now, after months of harvest, Fly Thai Green is ready for distribution and is blazing the way into new, next-level territory for the crew, building on their already highly refined take on bass, rap and beats.

The EP is available for purchase as a limited edition cassette, coupled with high quality download, stream and sticker pack. And all UK purchases also come with a Fly High Society lighter for those essential blaze days.

Listen to the full EP here:

Find out more about Fly High Society here.

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