Play It Safe Releases Film Soundtrack

Words By Spook
April 15, 2016
Play It Safe is the debut film by young Aussie writer/director Chris Pahlow. The film explores the struggles of budding musician Jamie (portrayed by Nicholas Kato) as he life falls down around him; a real and emotionally charged look at the dichotomy between realising dreams and the pressure to conform. The soundtrack is a love letter of sorts – showcasing Melbourne's rich music scene and supporting the independent creatives who are its lifeblood.

Featuring artists as diverse as Big Scary, Lower Spectrum, Speed Painters, and Yes/No/Maybe, the soundtrack perfectly sets the tone during every minute of the film.

Musicians were commissioned to produce original pieces for the film, as well as provide classic tracks. As such, Pahlow hasbeen able to produce to a truly affecting piece of cinema fraught with naturalistic dialogue and unobtrusive black and white camerawork (think Anton Corbijn’s Control).

The 21 tracks are available for listening right now on Play It Safe’s Soundcloud.

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