Jed Kurzel: The Music of ‘Macbeth’

Garry Westmore ~ October 1st, 2015


You might not have realised, but The Mess Hall's Jed Kurzel has been quietly forming a career in film score composing. We caught up with the musician to talk his latest efforts on Macbeth, and the intersecting careers of he and his brother, director Justin Kurzel

2nd 1984 Documentary Video “Rediscovered”: AFL And The Sports Bureaucrat

Spook ~ September 30th, 2015


They say timeliness is everything - this weeks rediscovered 1984 documentary predicts Australian football culture with terrifying accuracy.

Tall Stories And Big Differences: An Interview With World’s End Press

Izzy Tolhurst ~ September 29th, 2015


World’s End Press are said to have the “approachable vibe” of Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem, but frontman John Parkinson reveals what makes the bands different, not alike. Their latest release is the six-track EP 'Tall Stories'.

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Video Premiere: Sködia X Kess BD

SPOOK ~ September 24th, 2015


"We were blessed with three incredibly generous and gifted performers who were able to leap take after take into the air or go deep zen with a lens inches from their face."

Betty Davis: ‘They Say She’s Different’

Letitia Brown ~ September 23rd, 2015


It's the hard hitting early 70's, sex sells, music is god, women are shouting out, change is constant, free love is the new language, and a good time is what really counts.

Laura Imbruglia’s Not So Amateurish ‘Amateur Hour’

Carody Culver ~ September 23rd, 2015


Blending music, sketch and interviews - Laura Imbruglia's 'Amateur Hour' harks back to old school variety television, but with its feet planted firmly in the digital age. Carody Culver caught up with Imbruglia to talk about the webseries.

Premiere: MKO SUN’s Black Seaweed

Nick Melin ~ September 22nd, 2015


With serpentine movements, haunting melodies and a contagious hook, MKO SUN's new single ‘Black Seaweed’ is just stunningly breathtaking.

Giveaway: ‘London Road’

Spook ~ September 22nd, 2015


Thanks to Sharmill Films, we've five double passes to see 'London Road', the darkly comic (and ultimately uplifting) musical making the jump from stage to screen.

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