One Night Stand

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July 17, 2014
Jamie Green is a great example of how to turn a shit situation into something pure gold. The young Melbourne based entrepreneur took his experience and savvy business head and turned it into One Night Stand, a socially-aware sleepwear label that puts its profits towards helping kids who are sleeping rough. The threads are pretty rad too: designed in house, the collection is manufactured using ethically sourced materials in sweatshop-free environments. Win-win all round. Jamie is the star of our latest LOOK and here he shares his story. Word of warning: the below is pretty much guaranteed to make you feel like you should get off your butt and DO something...

Spook: So how exactly does One Night Stand work?

Jamie Green: Like any other awesome fashion brand with a twist! We create rad sleepwear while supporting young people sleeping rough. But how does that work? It’s pretty simple: every time a purchase with us is made we provide a meal and employment to a young person in need. We provide meals through charity or community organisations partners around the globe. And we have an employment program embedded in house that aims to provide job skills and life experience to displaced youth.


How did it all come about? What kind of things had you been exposed to or seen that led you to start thinking about a social entrepreneurship like this?

This is the question that normally leads to many lies about me doing it tough on the street and being homeless, but that’s just journalists taking the story a bit to far. Since the age of 17 I had started and sold three businesses but it was my fourth, a cafe on Flinders Street in Melbourne that got me unstuck. It was the first time in business things had gone the wrong way. Six months down the track I had lost everything I was collecting debt by the day and couldn’t afford to pay rent anymore, forcing myself to move out of my house and start couch surfing and sleeping on the cafe floor. At the time I really didn’t think to much of it, I just saw myself as the struggling entrepreneur and knew I would get back on my feet. Six months after that I was lucky enough to get an offer on the cafe, I sold it and got back on my feet. It wasn’t till I got to reflect on the situation that I started to grow a strong passion around the issue of youth homelessness. I wanted to do something about it and with my history in creating businesses, a social business seemed like the logical step.

Who is involved?

It started with me. Then it was Me and a scholarship at the School For Social Entrepreneurs. Then Me, SSE, and some volunteers. And so on. Now we have partnered up with creative/tech agency ProjectProject to execute the business strategy. Along the way we have gain support from the like of MTV, Grill’d, Sonos, Virgin and many more great people and companies.



You’re originally from up North but now you’re a Melbourne-er. How are you finding the city and why did you move?

Love the sun and the beach, but you just can’t beat Melbourne’s culture, the city is full of buzzing entrepreneurs, great people with great ideas to make the world a better place. Its hard to find a city quite like Melbourne. So in short I love it.

As far as I know, your background isn’t exactly in fashion design! So how does the design side of the business work?

Well my first ever business was a fashion label we made jewellery for hip kids so I had a little bit of experience. But like any good entrepreneur you surround yourself with the best possible people you can. We have had great interns and volunteers help out with all aspects of out business.

What kind of successes have you had so far?

Hmm well my definition of success is to laugh often, make others smile and share true love. So I feel pretty successful ha. But if you are talking about the success I guess we had a pretty cool brand launch, where I stood up for 24 hours straight inside a perspex box on a Melbourne alleyway to pre sell $24,000 worth of our first full range and gain publicity. I stood for the whole 24 hours, we pre sold $27,000 with of stock and we gained publicity around the globe and I even got a tweet from Sir Richard Branson showing his support. Is that successful?


Find out more at One Night Stand’s website.

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