New Wave Australiana Fashion Bonanza at CRIKEY!

Words By Hannah Bellil and Photography by Timothy Treasure
September 9, 2015
Tinnies, Blowies, Holy Dooley Crikey Was A Corker And The Primo Pozzie for MSFW 2015

Bloody oath, SPOOK’s pick from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2015, was without a doubt… Crikey!

Firstly,  O.T.T by Lia T and Kate Geck  are a collaborative match made in heaven.  Together they produced a zany, humours, interactive fashion event  presented in a black lit, Australiana themed glow in the dark mini golf venue. The collections featured Geck’s signature digital printing with embroidery, knitting, vinyl along side Tabrah’s Cane Toad  Couture, DIY kraft korner-esq accessories, embellished high vis, up-cycled goon bladder and fly swatter accessories all topped off with UV rave make-up by Melbourne Make-Up Artist Marleen Olsson.

After the incredible response to the collections, Lia T and Kate Geck have decided to develop the range further. They are taking orders on all of the Crikey merch too so grab yourself a piece of Australiana because it’s seriously the bizzo.


Follow the gals on instagram @ottbyliat and @dreamburgerz for updates

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