THE LOOK: Jamie Green

Words By Spook
Photography By Daniel Luxford
July 10, 2014
Our latest LOOK features Jamie Green, a super clever Melbourne-based boy who turned his own experiences of doing it tough into a socially aware sleepwear label that supports young people in need. Appropriately (and excellently coyly) it's called One Night Stand. Watch out for our interview with Jamie over the next few days and in the meantime get to know him – and some rad ideas for your winter wardrobe – here...

Top, jacket and pants CARHARTT, shoes Clarks

8349 8355

Top, jacket and pants CARHARTT, shoes Vans

8376 8368

All clothes and shoes Adidas x Bedwin and the Heartbreakers

8382 8400

Jeans, shirt and jacket Vanishing Elephant, shoes Clarks


Jeans and knit Vanishing Elephant, beanie Coal, shoes Plane

8434 8457

Jeans Neuw, shirt Handsom, hooded jumper Asuza, shoes Plane, all clothing supplied by Fat

8488 8478

Pants Norse Projects, shirt and jacket APC. All clothing supplied by Incu

8522 8511

Shirt Saturdays, jumper APC, pants Vanishing Elephant, shoes Vans. All clothing supplied by Incu


Pants CARHARTT, tee One Night Stand

8532 8540

Pants Jesen, shirt and shoes Plane, jacket Huffer. All clothing supplied by Plane

8550 8557

Pants CARHARTT, shirt ASOS, jacket Zanerobe, shoes Adidas x Bedwin and the Heartbreakers

Photography Daniel Luxford, fashion Larissa Leong, model Jamie Green from One Night Stand

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