Getting Paid To Netflix And Chill Is A Real Job

Words By Cormack O'Connor
March 10, 2016
Say goodbye to showering, leaving the house, and moving your body – your dream job has arrived. Yes, you can now be paid to 'Netflix and chill.' This is not a drill.

You know those little “because you watched …, you might like …” pop ups (that are responsible for you losing a whole weekend to the sweet confines of your couch)? Well, it turns out that they aren’t the product of some computer algorithm, but the suggestions of real life people. THESE REAL LIFE PEOPLE COULD BE YOU.

Known as taggers, these Netflix employees are part-timers whose job description involves “Netflix, donuts, and occasionally associating content with other content” (we think). Imagine the job interviews!


The downside to this fantastic job, is that you have to be located in Britain or Ireland (yeah, cause living in the UK is such a downer…). But who knows? Maybe they’ll need the input of some ‘Strayan’s one day.

*Immediately books one way ticket to London*

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