Chela kisses Bowie farewell

Words By Hannah Bellil
October 30, 2015
Our darling pop princess comes home for summer, kicking things off with a live set at Bowie's Late Nights this Friday...

Hannah Bellil: So you spend your time between LA and Melbourne at the moment, what are the biggest similarities and difference between the two cities?

Chela: I’m scratching my head to think of similarities honestly! Obviously there are similarities within the western cultures. LA has been catching Melbourne’s coffee/cafe fever and Melbourne has been catching the pressed juice/health food fever from LA. It’s nice to see the organic and vegan food communities grow in both cities. A big difference musically is that it seems that most people living in LA are creatives, you can feel the energy feeding you. You’re surrounded by some of the world’s greatest artists and that atmosphere makes for a highly inspiring and enriching experience. It’s exciting being an artist in LA, endless possibilities seem to present themselves regularly.

HB: What’s been a career highlight for you in the past 6 months?

C: Writing new music, songs I’m proud of. I’ve also collaborated with Seth Bogart of Hunx & His Punx, and his best friend Peggy Noland who is a fashion designer/visual artist. Seth and I worked on 2 duets, and we made a music video for one of them with Peggy. Her ideas are very provocative and forward-thinking. I’m very excited to share our creations with the world.

Chela By Maciek Jasik

HB: What have you been enjoying wearing recently and are there any LA labels that you’ve discovered that you think we should know about?

C: Peggy Noland! I recently discovered her clothing whilst working on music with Seth. She gave me a special piece to wear for my Bowie Late Nights show this Friday. I also went to the launch of a new LA label called Hot Lava recently, they gave out a gift bag with a high-necked crop top in it which I have been loving. There are lots of exciting labels starting up all over, it’s hard to keep up! I have been living in an oversized denim playsuit my Mama made for me.

HB: You’re spending the summer here with us in Australia, what have you got planned?

C: Lots! I’ll be working on a couple of music videos for artists I can’t name for now. I will also be working on my ever-changing debut EP, and a duet with another Melbourne artist. There’s a lot in the pipeline for next year, for now I’m preparing and concentrating on spending high quality time with my loved ones before I relocate to the US.

Catch Chela this Friday 30th at the last of Bowie’s Late Nights @ The ACMI

Photo Credit: Maciek Jasik

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