Chainsaw Wielding Man Catches On Fire

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Directed by Tobe Hooper
Shown: Gunnar Hansen
Words By Cormack O'Connor
March 8, 2016
There are good ideas and there are bad ideas. Buying petrol when it is cheap is a good idea. Swinging around a chainsaw, throwing that cheap petrol on people and bursting into flames is a bad idea. Capiche?

Apparently the memo was not received by all. Today in the north-west Sydney suburb of Riverstone, that particularly bad idea came to life.

Police were responding to a call about a man trying to cut down a power pole (much anger, such frustration), when he began to throw petrol on them.

Understandably, the officers involved used both capsicum spray, and a taser to try and subdue the 51 year old male, known only as ‘Bear’.

The deployment of the taser caused the man’s clothes to burst into flames, before he ran inside his house.


He remained there for around half an hour, before returning outside where he was subsequently arrested.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and expect charges to be laid (ya think?!).

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