Strange Developments For Bahar Mustafa

Fury ~ October 8th, 2015


Well that escalated quickly.

Unpacking The Money Shot With Sarah Catherine Firth

Holly Bodeker-Smith ~ October 7th, 2015


We chat with Melbourne-based artist Sarah Catherine Firth ahead of her upcoming exhibition, "HEADSHOTS".

These Kenyan Women Smashed The Patriarchy Before You Could

Holly Bodeker-Smith ~ September 16th, 2015


Maybe we need to look at matriarchal societies like Umoja, Kenya and reassess our own privilege: in the western world we’re not at risk of having our bits cut off as leeway to an arranged marriage.

An Open Letter To @gabigrecko

Eloise Grills ~ September 16th, 2015


"Dear Gabi, I wonder what would happen if we were friends, if I could help you. I wonder if I could separate your Instagram from the rest of you if I knew you irl."

Untamed Mane

Alana Scully ~ September 10th, 2015


Why do long hair and femininity seem so interchangeable, and what happens when you snip them apart? Alana Scully gives this outdated beauty myth the chop, and finds empowerment in transformation.

Chrissie Hynde And Victim Blaming: SlutWalk Still As Relevant As Ever

Jessica Alice ~ September 3rd, 2015


A controversial name, not a controversial message: Jessica Alice chats to the organisers of SlutWalk Melbourne before the protest hits the streets again this weekend to fight victim blaming.

Strapping On: Harnessing The Unknown

Sam ~ September 2nd, 2015


It's good to try new things, writes Sam, who recently harnessed the power of the strap on for the very first time.

The Hypothetical Now: An Interview With Gayby Baby Director Maya Newell

Eloise Grills ~ September 1st, 2015


Eloise Grills chats politics, aesthetics, childhood identity and authority with documentary-maker Maya Newell ahead of the release of her controversial film, Gayby Baby.

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