Play It Safe Releases Film Soundtrack

Spook ~ April 15th, 2016


Play It Safe is a film exploring the struggles of budding musicians, with a soundtrack as good as the film itself.

Giveaway: 'All About E' Soundtrack

Spook ~ October 27th, 2015


British Film Festival: Murder, intrigue & the golden age of Aviation

Spook ~ October 26th, 2015


Australian director Andrew Lancaster’s first feature length documentary The Lost Aviator is a tale of romance and murder during the golden age of aviation – and it’s playing at this year’s British Film Festival.

Michael Ware: Into the Heart of Darkness with ‘Only The Dead’

Spook ~ October 23rd, 2015


After spending nearly a decade in Iraq with Time and CNN, Australian journalist Michael Ware returned home with harrowing experiences, and harrowing footage. Now, six years later, Ware presents 'Only the Dead', an insiders account of the Iraq war, and a study of the affects war has on all involved.

Giveaway: ‘Obvious Child’ at Speakeasy Cinema’s She Speaks First

Spook ~ October 16th, 2015


Speakeasy Cinema presents She Speaks First, a series of female focussed films that this Sunday will feature the hilarious pro-choice film 'Obvious Child'. Both Clementine Ford and Brodie Lancaster will be present for an in-conversation: and we've got some passes to giveaway.

Rob Connolly: Revisiting ‘Balibo’

Spook ~ October 13th, 2015


On the 40th Anniversary of the death of the Balibo Five, Rob Connolly revisits the politically charged 'Balibo' to raise funds for the organisation helping the people of East Timor.

Projects: Boy & Bear ‘Walk The Wire’ Music Video By Oh Yeah Wow

Hannah Bellil ~ October 10th, 2015


Melbourne filmmakers, Oh Yeah Wow have been behind a swag of memorable clips in recent years for bands such as Gotye, Bombay Bicycle Club and Clubfeet, but it is their latest for Boy & Bear that is arguably their most memorable to date SPOOK spoke to founder Darcy Prendergast

Jed Kurzel: The Music of 'Macbeth'

Spook ~ October 1st, 2015


You might not have realised, but The Mess Hall's Jed Kurzel has been quietly forming a career in film score composing. We caught up with the musician to talk his latest efforts on Macbeth, and the intersecting careers of he and his brother, director Justin Kurzel

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