Chela kisses Bowie farewell

Hannah Bellil ~ October 30th, 2015


Bowie late nights ends with a bang, with epic party starter and Melbourne local Chela returning from Los Angeles for a very special live show that is sure to make you sweat.

Voyeurs: I Scream Nails X Di$count Univer$e VIP PARTAAAYYYY

Words by Hannah Bellil Photography by Christopher Sutherland @nightshifters ~ October 27th, 2015


When two of Melbourne's power house independents combined forces it was always going to be a winning formula!

Video Premiere: Sködia X Kess BD

SPOOK ~ September 24th, 2015


"We were blessed with three incredibly generous and gifted performers who were able to leap take after take into the air or go deep zen with a lens inches from their face."

Video Premier: Yesterdays Virgins x Steash Fashion Film For Fred Hates Fashion

Hannah Bellil and Photography by Timothy Treasure ~ September 11th, 2015


Touching on gender reversal, drug abuse, sexual self-mutilation, and a bondage scene with a 3D printed mask made by Sydney designer Jake Stollery. Check out the film first here...

New Wave Australiana Fashion Bonanza at CRIKEY!

Hannah Bellil and Photography by Timothy Treasure ~ September 9th, 2015


O.T.T by Lia T and Kate Geck are a collaborative match made in heaven. Together they produced a zany, humours, interactive fashion event presented in a black lit, Australiana themed glow in the dark mini golf venue, complete with blowies!

People In China Are Really Getting Into Bean Sprout Hair Clips

Spook ~ September 8th, 2015



Video Premier: Jasmine Alexa X Tim Brade Fashion Film for Fred Hates Fashion

Hannah Bellil & Photography by Timothy Treasure ~ September 4th, 2015


Where fashion meets film, this video premier is set to get you ready for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Think gym towels, monochrome, and a runway that looks like a sports track, and you've got a line of clothing that sports lux dreams are made of.

Video: LOL's 'Leisure'

Spook ~ August 9th, 2015


Winter getting you down? Well there's light at the end of the tunnel, and 'Leisure", a collaborative short film project is a sultry slice of slow-mo heaven that'll help you see that light.

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