Chela kisses Bowie farewell

Hannah Bellil ~ October 30th, 2015


Bowie late nights ends with a bang, with epic party starter and Melbourne local Chela returning from Los Angeles for a very special live show that is sure to make you sweat.

'Neima': Capturing Stories Of The Papua New Guinea Highlands

Garry Westmore ~ October 16th, 2015


We chatted with photographer Woodrow Wilson ahead of his new exhibition 'Neima'.

Unpacking The Money Shot With Sarah Catherine Firth

Holly Bodeker-Smith ~ October 7th, 2015


We chat with Melbourne-based artist Sarah Catherine Firth ahead of her upcoming exhibition, "HEADSHOTS".

Betty Davis: 'They Say She’s Different'

Letitia Brown ~ September 23rd, 2015


It's the hard hitting early 70's, sex sells, music is god, women are shouting out, change is constant, free love is the new language, and a good time is what really counts.

Arts, Crafts & Giving A Crap

Garry Westmore ~ September 18th, 2015


Who Gives a Crap! CEO Simon Griffiths on the toilet paper that’s making a difference by doing things differently, and their collaboration with Melbourne designer and artist Beci Orpin.

MIFF Focus: Vertical Cinema

Garry Westmore ~ August 14th, 2015


Meet Joost Rekveld, one of the filmmakers/artists involved in Vertical Cinema, the film project that is quite literally, changing how we look at cinema.

Hungry Castle's Nic Cage In A Cage

Baz Ruddick ~ July 28th, 2015


Meet one of the guys behind Hungry Castle, the outfit that make oversized and out there art pieces like Nic Cage in a cage, Lazer Cat, and Lionel Richie's head.

Reclaiming The Female Nude Through Art And The Internet: Welcome To Body Anxiety

Garry Westmore ~ July 27th, 2015


It's the digital exhibition flipping the bird at the art world and reclaiming the female nude with selfies, gifs, videos and more – and you can check it out online for free.

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