Camp Cope Launch Debut Self-Titled Album

Words By Cormack O'Connor
May 16, 2016
Home job tattoos led to the formation of one of Melbourne's most promising young bands – Camp Cope. The trio, led by Georgia Maq, launched their debut self titled album at the John Curtin Hotel on Friday night.

By the time Camp Cope took to the stage, the room was full to the brim and sufficiently amped. Yet, the whole room fell silent as Georgia Maq, illuminated by a single spotlight, performed a solo rendition of ‘Song For Charlie.’ Maq truly had the whole room in the palm of her hand before the rest of the band had even picked up their instruments.

As bassist Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich and drummer Sarah Thompson got fired up, the trio began to rip through the entire album (as well as some new tunes). The breakdown of ‘West Side Story’ made for a definite highlight, as did the crowd pleasing (and sing-a-long inducing) ‘Stove Lighter.’

Female audience members were urged to make their way to the front of the room for ‘Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams’ as the band kicked into full gear.

You could feel the emotion in the room as the three girls beamed; collapsing in a pile of limbs as the applause rang out.

While jet fuel may not be able to melt steel beams, the girls red hot performance surely could have.

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