Shoot: LA Woman

Larry Leong is currently getting her jetset on across Europe and the US. She's finding time though to inject her play with a little work, her latest project coming off a suburban wander in the backstreets of LA.

The Cost Of Online Services

Enjoying your free lunch on Facebook? Ain't no such thing. Scott Arthurson explains how you're paying for the world wide webz.

The Escapism of Anna Calvi

Every once in a while an artist comes along that is like no one and nothing else. Anna Calvi


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Week In Submission: Laura Marii


Spook ~ September 23rd, 2014


Laura Marii is a gifted young photographer who's star quality lies in her ability to capture spontaneous moments like THAT.

A Bloody Embarrassment

A Bloody Embarrassment

Ellena Savage ~ September 23rd, 2014


According to Ellena Savage, "The saga of invasion, terrorism, and counter-terrorism should shine light on how we have constructed the narrative of ‘us’ more than how we have defined the construction of ‘them"

Projects: Alison Wonderland’s ‘Cold’ Music Video


Garry Westmore ~ September 23rd, 2014


For our first ever ‘Projects’ piece, SPOOK popped down to Docklands studios to check out the filming of Alison Wonderland’s ‘Cold’ music video; chatting to cast and crew behind the scenes about how it all came together.

Family Values As Taught By The Internet


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 22nd, 2014


If TV taught the Millennials values, the internet taught Generation Z theirs. Hannah Hawkins discusses Gen Z's collective online parent.

The Magic of Wunder Wunder


Izzy Tolhurst ~ September 22nd, 2014


We caught up with Melbourne born, LA based duo Wunder Wunder to talk about desert wanderings, crystal healings and the making of their debut album.

VOYEURS: Young Henrys Small World Festival


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 22nd, 2014


Turns out Young Henrys Brewery know how to throw a damn fine festival. SPOOK were there on Saturday to see the magic happen...

Backstage at London Fashion Week


Spook ~ September 22nd, 2014


Jack Grayson jumped backstage to get some behind the scenes shots at Mariana Jungmann's crystal-fuelled SS15 show for SPOOK.

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Twelve Point Guide To Being A Killer Stylist


Spook ~ September 19th, 2014


We've spoken to some of Australia's best styling, creative direction and design talent to get you a full on low down. Listen up, young guns!

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