Shoot: LA Woman

Larry Leong is currently getting her jetset on across Europe and the US. She's finding time though to inject her play with a little work, her latest project coming off a suburban wander in the backstreets of LA.

The Cost Of Online Services

Enjoying your free lunch on Facebook? Ain't no such thing. Scott Arthurson explains how you're paying for the world wide webz.

The Escapism of Anna Calvi

Every once in a while an artist comes along that is like no one and nothing else. Anna Calvi


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We Found A Way To Dissolve The Government


Ellena Savage ~ August 28th, 2014


If Scotland secedes from the union, aka the United Kingdom, in their upcoming referendum for independence, the sovereign from which Australia draws its own sovereignty will cease to exist... Genius.

Green Screens: EFFM Preview


Garry Westmore ~ August 28th, 2014


You might think that being a niche festival, the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne might just be for bleeding hearts, but it isn't so; there are films from Academy Awards winners and nominees; films shot for IMAX, thought provoking films that'll be followed by super intelligent panel discussions. So take that haters!

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Win: Fashion On Film at ACMI


Katy Hall ~ August 27th, 2014


Score double passes to see the likes of Ellery and Gucci on screen at ACMI's fash flick fest and read our interview with curator James Nolen...

On The Road With George Ezra


Garry Westmore ~ August 27th, 2014


For 21 year old singer George Ezra, a back packing trip through Europe was exactly what the doctor ordered when it came time to write his debut album. We caught up with Ezra to discuss his Aussie roots and time as a super tramp.



Spook ~ August 26th, 2014


The fuzz-tastic label is back, this time with a whole lot of sparkle...

Matthew Saville’s ‘Felony’ Ain’t No Crime


Garry Westmore ~ August 26th, 2014


A cop drama that isn't a cop drama, the Joel Edgerton scripted 'Felony' is an intriguing tale of morality that hits all the right notes in terms of performance, script and production. Esteemed film and TV director Matthew Saville caught up with us to chat about yet another fine Aussie film.

Week In Submission: Chloe Sargeant


Spook ~ August 25th, 2014


Adelaide local Chloe Sargeant keeps herself pretty busy blogging, styling and modelling. Meet her here...

History Lessons With First Aid Kit


Spook ~ August 25th, 2014


Following their show at this year's Splendour in the Grass Festival, we caught up with the delightful Klara and Johanna Söderberg of First Aid Kit for a quick chat.

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