Lucy Folk AW14

Lucy Folk loves food. From tacos to sushi-inspired collections, her work takes the things that make our taste buds thrive and turns them into delightful trinkets to adorn ourselves with.


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Trash Puke & John Waters

"I think you should buy art you hate before it ends up hating you"

St. Vincent

It’s not often that a musician self-titles an album on their fifth release. But then again, St Vincent, or Annie Clark as she’s known to the tax department, is not your average musician.

David Bowie’s Cock


Declan Melia ~ April 17th, 2014


After reading an old David Bowie article, British India’s Declan Melia ponders "Who took the ‘sex’ out of my sex drugs and rock n’ roll?"

Women’s Shoot: Hazy Days

Ben Clement Larry Leung Womens Shoot Spook

Spook ~ April 17th, 2014


Photographed by New Zealand born, Melbourne based lenser Ben Clement and styled by sartorial whiz and DJ-about-town Larissa Leong, our latest women's shoot is all about hazy morning beauty.

OurSay with Eyal Halamish


Ellena Savage ~ April 16th, 2014


Eyal Halamish’s career in politics began as a school kid in suburban Chicago, when he stirred up some civil unrest in response to his school cafeteria’s Styrofoam use.

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Songs That Sound Better In Films


Garry Westmore ~ April 15th, 2014


Why does Neil Diamonds ‘Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon’ sound lame in real life, but awesome when Tarantino uses it in Pulp Fiction? Why don’t we give a stuff about certain songs before they’re used in a soundtrack? Some songs just sound better when they’re in a film.

Saying ‘No’ To Vintage With Archive


Spook ~ April 15th, 2014


Lauren Urquhart and Maya Webb are partners in crime in Archive, a cave of wonders tucked in Melbourne’s CBD.

Tom Odell


Spook ~ April 15th, 2014


Though they feel pretty rubbish at the time, false starts can actually be a great thing for one's career and Englishman Tom Odell has had a few of them.

The Fiction Of Sky Ferreira


Katy Hall ~ April 14th, 2014


When recently in Australia, SPOOK caught up with Sky Ferreira to discuss living life outside the box, media fiction versus reality and breaking down gender stereotypes one blog post at a time.

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