Shoot: LA Woman

Larry Leong is currently getting her jetset on across Europe and the US. She's finding time though to inject her play with a little work, her latest project coming off a suburban wander in the backstreets of LA.

The Cost Of Online Services

Enjoying your free lunch on Facebook? Ain't no such thing. Scott Arthurson explains how you're paying for the world wide webz.

The Escapism of Anna Calvi

Every once in a while an artist comes along that is like no one and nothing else. Anna Calvi


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Nike Teck Pack Studio Wrap Party


Spook ~ September 16th, 2014


The studio wrap party hosted by Nike on Friday night ticked all the boxes: mouth watering mini burgers, an open bar and luxe sportswear. Paying homage to the seasons hottest trends, the Nike Tech Pack line features lightweight modern sports apparel with directional designs, and it gets our approval.

Florian Habicht And The Legend Of Pulp


Katy Hall ~ September 16th, 2014


Following the release of his documentary on legendary band Pulp, we spoke to director Florian Habicht about meeting the locals of Sheffield, hanging out with Jarvis Cocker and his first experience filming live music.

Bigsound 2014: A Recap


Spook ~ September 15th, 2014


If you needed us, we were at the bar.

How to Recognise and Conquer Sitcom Addiction


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 15th, 2014


Getting into a TV show and watching back to back episodes of it for days is pretty common, says Hannah Hawkins. But if you're a weirdo and want to kick the habit, here's how...

Week In Submission: Savannah Anand-Sobti


Spook ~ September 15th, 2014


Our latest WIS comes from Savannah Anand-Sobti, a Melbourne based stylist and multi-creative who recently started up the totally rad independent zine, Ladies of Leisure.

Danger At The Homefront

bed w parents cropped

Ellena Savage ~ September 15th, 2014


I first came across Mary Leunig’s work at my kitchen table. My housemate, an illustrator, had left her book A Piece of Cake out. The 1985 book is filled with violent and hilarious illustrations of women in domestic scenes, with children, blood, and fucking in pretty much every frame.

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VOYEURS: Pistonhead & I OH YOU’s Vice Party


Hannah Hawkins ~ September 13th, 2014


Pistonhead Lager and I OH YOU threw a v cool VICE party on Thursday night and SPOOK was there to capture the night's free boozy antics and Little Bastard's speed dealer glasses.

Tyrone Susman’s State/s of Self


Spook ~ September 12th, 2014


We speak to Tyrone Susman, an RMIT fashion grad and cycling enthusiast who's just made the move to New York. He also features in this month's THE LOOK...

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